Front view of 1 piece gray motorcycle rain suit.
Front view of 1 piece gray motorcycle rain suit.

1 Piece Rain Suit With Reflectors, RS2300-DL

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As a rider, a problem we see a lot is that the weather can change in an instant. You don't always have time to wait through a storm. You could be running late for a meeting, or your kid is being born, you could be waiting longer than you should to go to your emergency. It's time to fight through the unexpected. Be prepared, be protected, and take along a rain suit for the ride while being stylish with the grey strips on the chest. Waterproof and windproof, keeping you secure through the challenges of road. Draw strings on the bottom of the jacket and waist to fit like a glove. Loosen or tighten your jacket on the bottom as well as gathering/stretching around the hip. Layered with breathable Poly Fabric that transports perspiration to the outer fabric. It allows the leather to legitimately breathe and exhale access water. To make sure everyone can be aware of your presence, we have added reflectors on both the back end and front of the jacket. We have included a travel pouch so you could take it along all the time. Making sure you have the safest trips to where you are needed the most.


  • Windproof and Waterproof
  • Pants also have pockets
  • Draw Strings and Gathered Waist on Pants
  • Draw Strings on the Bottom of the Jacket to Tighten or Loosen
  • Layered Breathable P.U. Fabric that Transports Perspiration to the Outer Fabric, where it evaporates into the Air
  • Small Reflectors on Front and Back that Enhances Safety at Night and Low Visibility Situations